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How to use ultrafine fiber cleaning cloth to clean touch screen?


How to use ultrafine fiber cleaning cloth to clean touch screen?

Have you noticed the countless stains on the touchscreen around you? Just look at the fingerprints you leave when you indulge in playing the most popular game on a touch screen. Regular cleaning of touch screens on your phone, tablet and MP3 player, as well as similar touch-screen devices, is important for their maintenance and longevity. Let's see how to easily wipe the stain off the touch screen.

Prepare a clean, ultrafine fiber cloth.

Ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth is an ideal touch screen cleaning tool. Some equipment will be purchased with a clean cloth, but no matter, buy a super-fiber cleaning cloth also cost a lot of money. The price of cleaning cloth on the market is so variable that the company that sells touch-screen equipment usually recommends buying a much more expensive cloth than anything else. Pay more attention to the surrounding market, always find some cheap alternatives.

2. Please turn off the touch screen before you start cleaning. This time you can often see more clearly on the touch screen stains

3. First use a clean cloth to quickly wipe the touch screen in the form of a loop to remove those easier to remove the stains

4. If necessary, wet with a cotton cloth or cotton shirt corner and repeat the previous wiping process. When using the cleaning cloth, be sure to follow the instructions strictly. If you encounter a request for mild wetting of the cotton cloth before use, skip this step and move on to the next step. Distilled water is a very good choice for solvent soaking cotton cloth. Wipe again with a clean cloth, remember not to use too hard to avoid damage to the touch screen. If water stains remain on the screen, let it dry naturally. Wash clean cloth. Arrange used cleaning in warm water and wash with soap. The main function of warm water helps to open the polyester fiber on the cleaning cloth and release the dirt removed from the cleaning process. Knead gently with your hands several times (do not use too hard to avoid damage), wash and wring dry, put in a ventilated cool air dry. If it is urgent, it can also be blown dry with a hair dryer. Remember: don't wipe any touch screen with a clean cloth that hasn't dried out yet.

Second, take out the anti-soluble gel using alcohol sol 

1. You can also replace

2 with hand sanitizer, prepare a clean paper towel 

3, squeeze some gel onto the tissue, wipe the screen 

4 repeatedly with it, and use a clean cloth to remove the stains on the screen-in fact, they may have been wiped clean.

Thank you for reading. If you need better cleaning tools, please contact us. Mediclean is dedicated to all kinds of cleaning packages: Cleanroom Swabs, Card Printer Cleaning Kits, Technical Cleaning Kits,  Cleaning By Equipment.

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